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Welcome to the TAGteacher directory. TAGteachers must keep their certification up to date in order to be listed in this directory. They must opt-in in order to be shown. If you are searching for someone and they don't appear and you'd like to check on their status, please send an email to

TAGteachers in this directory work independently and are not employed by TAGteach International. If you need a TAGteacher to help you with a teaching situation you can search this directory to find someone suitable. If you decide to hire someone from this directory to help you, the arrangement will be between you and the TAGteacher you choose. TAGteach International does not warrant that anyone listed in this directory is qualified to perform any specific work. It is up to you to determine if the person you choose is qualified to undertake the work you require. Listing in this directory indicates that the TAGteacher has met the

criteria for TAGteach Certification as of the date they were certified. 

Some TAGteachers offer Precision Teaching services. TAGteach International promotes the use of the Standard Celeration Chart. If you want superior results, please consider choosing someone who offers Precision Teaching as well as TAGteach. You will be able to see if this service is offered by looking at the TAGteacher's profile, or including this in your search.

If you need help selecting a TAGteacher to speak at your function or for private consulting please contact Joan Orr  at TAGteachers in this directory are not authorized to give lectures, presentations or webinars on the topic of TAGteach without permission from TAGteach International.

Please note that only Level 3 TAGteachers are qualified to speak at instructional events. Only TAGteacher Faculty can certify other TAGteachers. Certification events can be held only with the permission and participation of TAGteach International. Other events involving speaking engagements that will use the TAGteach trademark require permission from TAGteach International. This includes podium presentations, lectures and webinars that explain the theory and/or use of TAGteach as the major topic of the presentation.

If you are looking for a TAGteacher to help with coaching or teaching, this directory will help you find a local TAGteacher.

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