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TAGteach originated with sports applications and it is here that the techniques are spectacularly successful. TAGteach uses the science of learning and the strength of elite sport coaching to help you communicate effectively with your athletes and to hone their skills with extreme precision.

Click here to learn more about TAGteach for sports, how it works and what coaches and athletes think about it.

Click here to download the TAGteach reference list which lists all the published and unpublished TAGteach studies, including several that relate to sports.

Just a few examples:

Click here for blog posts about TAGteach and sports applications.


Coaches - do you need a way to explain to parents what you are doing with TAGteach with your athletes? We have a pamphlet designed by kids to explain tagging:

Download page 1

Download page 2

For skating coaches

You are welcome to put your own contact information, logo etc. on the back of these pamphlets.

TAGteach Sports Products and Webinars

Tags on Ice DVD - Teaching skating to children with special needs and their families


Learn More

Click here for a list of upcoming events including: live seminars, workshops, online course, and webinars. For more information and to arrange private consultations contact Theresa McKeon  


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