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TAGteach For Autism Online Course

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TAGteach is an exceptionally effective way to teach. This course will give you the basics to that you can start right away to bring more success and fun to your teaching, coaching or parenting.

In this course you'll learn the following:

  • How to motivate and teach your child in a way that gives the child a choice and a partnership in the learning process
  • How to observe to ensure that your child is happy while learning
  • How to step back from emotional reaction and replace disruptive behaviors with calm behaviors
  • How to break behavior goals into small manageable pieces
  • How to build up new behaviors piece by piece by focusing on small successes
  • How to educate your child using the science-based TAGteach method and reduce the time you spend managing behaviors
  • How to assess transitions and teach the child to navigate transitions without anxiety
  • How to defuse tantrums/meltdowns and how to promote a tantrum-free environment

Course Contents

This is a 5 part course based on topic suggestions from autism parents, taught by Martha Gabler. The focus is on HOW to teach children using the science-based TAGteach method.

Observation and Practice

This course contains numerous examples and video demonstrations as well as opportunities for you to practice your observation and tagging skills with video and with your own child.

Quizzes and Homework

There are lots of optional quizzes and exercises throughout the course to help you cement your new knowledge. There are many homework assignments with sheets for you to fill in to help you structure your teaching and keep track of your child's progress.

Live Q&A With Martha

The course includes 6 months of access to periodic live Q&A sessions with Martha and TAGteach co-founders (as available). These will give you the opportunity to ask Martha your questions and to talk to other parents and professionals who are taking the course.

"Highlight for me from Martha’s autism course series: in the first, the tagging of the child showing his eyes above the table. Also Douglas’ five lessons and demonstrating impracticalities of primary reinforce delivery with the funny doughnut delivery. The issue of schedules of reinforcement, which is so tricky to get right, was dealt with beautifully in three. Those tantrum videos and the exercise of tagging quiet mouth in three was great. I LOVED the ice skater woman saying ‘Pleasure to do business with you’ in four to the little boy. This sums up EVERYTHING that TAGteach is about! The labels the ice skaters wore to collect tokens/marks, was a stroke of genius.."

Bethan Mair WilliamsBCBA, SLT

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